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Road ID Bracelet

Picnic in the Park

My parents came up from their home in Georgia to see me and get a sense of how I am doing. They got to see that I am doing well with my recovery but also got a peak at the level of frustration I am having dealing with the limitations my injuries have imposed on […]

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My New Best Friend

Will It Blend?

So far, the most difficult injury, from my bike accident, to deal with has been my tongue laceration.  My C1 fracture is pretty disturbing in itself, especially when doing a Google search and finding all the scary shit about it online.  But it is managed by wearing a neck brace and taking pain meds. The discomfort […]

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The Start of the Rest of My Life

Twelve days ago, on May 13th, 2017,  around 7 AM, I struggle to wake up.  I think I hear, “you’ve been in a bike accident, and you are in the hospital.”  I’m thinking to myself, “wow, this is a real shitty dream. I need to wake up to end this.”  I try focusing on the […]

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